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Coconut Brah Drink Power Up Energy Powder – Coastline Colada

The Coconut Brah Drink! An energy powder made by Collector Cup. Their energy supplement is called Power Up and the current only flavor is the one inspired by the famous and recognizable Coconut Brah – a Rainbow Six Siege Youtuber 🙂 

But you know that already right? 😉 

This post will instead discuss the differences between this energy supplement compared to all the other. You Coconut Brah fans of course want to support your favorite youtuber – but after reading, you will find out that the drink is actually also a very good option compared to available options on the market. 

Power Up – Coastline Colada by Collector Cup.

The energy powder flavor is Coastline Colada. With a taste of coconut, pineapple and exotic flavor this flavor will surely fit most taste buds. The nootropics stack, i.e the ingredients that will give you that energy kick includes:

  1. 150mg of caffeine – we all know what caffeine does
  2. 200mg of L-theanine – very good for focus and only Nau contains the same amount of L-theanine. Sneak Gaming has L-theanine as well but not as much. 
  3. Vitamin B6 and B12 – to prevent fatigue if you have to little of these vitamins.
  4. 1g Taurine 
  5. 1g L-Tyrosine

It is a zero calorie product and of course no sugar then. 

Because it contains L-theanine the product goes head to head with the very top brands! You will surely feel a kick from this product with smoothened caffeine crashes due to l-theanine. Also, as far as we can tell – the manufacturer have not wasted time and money in adding unnecessary ingredients that you don’t need. A clean nutritional label is always a plus. No wonder Coconut Brah decided to partner up with Collector Cup in this one!

coconut brah coastline colada

Where can you buy this Coconut Brah Drink?

Currently, only at Collector Cup, which makes it more available for US customers. However we are working hard to stock up on this product so that all EU friends can enjoy is as well as US friends 😉 


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