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Cold Ones Pina Colada Review

gamersupps cold ones pina colada review


A new day and a new review, this time we will give you a review of GamerSupps Cold Ones pina colada. Could this flavor be your get away, daydream of going on a hot and relaxing vacation? Perhaps, read the full blog to find out.  



A short introduction of what you can expect from todays blog. Today we will give you our review on GamerSupps Cold Ones pina colada. This flavor is a collaboration between GamerSupps and the youtubers Cold Ones. Perhaps this energy drink will give you guys an early taste of your hot summer vacation. Let’s jump into this review of cold ones pina colada! 



The first thing that comes in mind by looking at this design, is vacation. The whole tub just screams sun, laying on the beach and have a relax moment. I don’t complain about this daydream…Sweden is pretty dark and cold at this time of the year. Besides that, the design is different from most of the other labels they have done, it is more of an artwork. The collaboration with Cold Ones may have been the way to succeed with the label design. Let´s see if the flavor gives me that same feelings… 



Mm, mm, mm I got to say this one may be my new go to flavor. The flavor of coconut and pineapple goes hand in hand so well and fulfill my fiction holiday. Considering it is a sugar free supplement, loved that it didn’t have a sugar free aftertaste. So, if you are a fan of coconut and pineapple…or more accurate pina colada, I recommend you try this one out at least ones in your life time! 



What can I say, as usual GamerSupps will bring you an energy boost when it´s needed…probably during your most intense gaming hours, or whenever you feel for it. It´s up to you. The only negative thing with a good taste like this is that you need to reserve yourself from drinking too much, because of the high level of caffeine.  



To sum up this review, if you are a lover of pina colada or coconut and pineapple flavor, whatever you wanna call it. We recommend this one for a fiction holiday escape from your daily work to the warmer places around the world. Let your imagination guide you.  
Remember that we have it in our stock so stop by or check out our other products if you want. Otherwise, we hope you enjoyed this review of GamerSupps cold ones pina colada.   

Pease out! 



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