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Cold Ones Strawberry Daiquiri Review

gamersupps cold ones strawberry daiquiri


I’s time for another review and this time it is GamerSupps Cold Ones strawberry daiquiri! A lovely flavor. To top things off…in this review I´m going to give you guys a secret little tip that brings this energy drink to another level. Read the full blog Agent 007 to find out the hidden combination.  



Another lovely review for you guys, this time GamerSupps Cold Ones strawberry daiquiri has gotten the honor. This collaboration between Cold Ones and GamerSupps has given you a strawberry flavored drink with hints of lemon. Hit or miss, who knows? But it does bring you those summer vibes, that I can assure you. LET’S GO! 


Sooo, the design goes in the same footsteps as its fellow pina colada. It gives you that same hot summer feelings you can only dream about in the winter. The design also gives you a colorful and funky kind of vibe, which I think is creative and fun, it brings the tub to life. Overall, this collaboration with Cold Ones has given this GamerSupps tub a new champion when it comes to design. At least in my opinion. 
But what about the flavor and that hidden mystery? Find out down below. 


Before I give you the little secret I´m gonna give you a short explanation and my opinion on the flavor itself. So, GamerSupps Cold Ones strawberry daiquiri as it says has a strawberry taste with hints of lemon. A sweet, summer vibe type of energy drink. In my opinion it gets a bit sweet if you mix it with water, great if you like that but not for me. I prefer to mix it with…here comes my little secret, MILK! Still a sweet flavor but it now gives you a milkshake look alike experience, much better!  


In my own experience I think we never will be disappointed about the energy boost we get during our last gaming hours. Or what do you say GamerSupps fans? Am I wrong? I think not. Another disappointment is that we can´t drink as many as we want…because of the high caffeine and our general health is important of course.  



Now when you know my little secret, go ahead and try for yourself. I can promise that you will not be disappointed, IF you like strawberry milkshake. I can also give you a friendly reminder, if you’re not a fan of sweetness you should probably avoid this one.  
With this being said, lean back, enjoy your GamerSupps Cold Ones Strawberry Daiquiri and forget about the winter for a moment.  

Pease out! 



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