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GamerSupps Acai Blueberry Review

Gamersupps acai blueberry review

A refreshing new review of a refreshing flavor, GamerSupps Acai Blueberry. This taste may give you goosebumps, at least I got it. Could this be your new cooling and refreshing summer energizer? Read the full blog to find out.  



Let me introduce you to what could possibly be your new favorite GamerSupps, or at least a top 5. This refreshing flavor is something else if you are a blueberry lover and best of all it contains the right amount of tart. Now when you have been introduced, lets jump in to this GamerSupps Acai Blueberry review! 



I got to say, the design might not be outstanding, but I do love it! The black surroundings, with slightly purple tones that fades into that blue looks SOOO clean. In my opinion it´s definitely a selling look. If you are a collector of these tubs and designs, don’t hesitate to ad this one. The design also gives you that cool and refreshing vibe. Let´s see if the flavor can keep up with the design.  



Hmmm, indeed it is a refreshing taste that lived up to my expectations. Blueberry is the dominant flavor but comes with undertones of the acai and best of all, no chalky and bad aftertaste. I can´t wait until summer to have one of these…because I do believe it can be a refreshing and cooling drink during the hot sunbathing. If you do like blueberries, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this flavor ASAP! 



Are we never going to be let down? The experience as usual comes with a great deal of energy due to the high caffeine. Which is much needed in you last hours of gaming or when you need that extra bit of focus. Just remember to reserve yourself from drinking to many servings, I know it’s hard especially with a great taste like Acai Blueberry.  



By now you know exactly what you can expect from GamerSupps Acai Blueberry. But to summarize this review for you, banger of a taste, really refreshing, an amazing design and we have both 60 and 100 serv tubs. A short summery this time but it´s straight forward.  

I hope you enjoyed reading todays GamerSupps Acai Blueberry review.  




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