GamerSupps Review

gamersupps review

This review will help you decide if GamerSupps is the real deal, and most of all – if it is something for you. The US based nutritional and nootropics company is one of the first one to start – going head to head with the other famous brands.

We’ll look into the ingredients, the brand, their work and end with telling you where you can get this sweet gaming drink. Let’s hop in.

GamerSupps Review

This review will investigate the nutritional value of gamersupps, how they are different and how they are the same and why or why not you should buy them!

Some clear selling points and FAQs that we can list are:

  1. Is GamerSupps sugar free?

Yes, all their flavors come without any sugar!

  1. Is GamerSupps zero calories?

Yes, all their flavors come in zero calorie portions. Sugar free does not always mean zero calorie but with GG it does! They have no fillers such as maltodextrin which means no calories.

  1. Is GamerSupps Keto friendly?

Yes it is.

  1. Is GamerSupps bad for you?

No, it is not, but like with any product containing caffeine we always recommend that you should dosage it after your needs. This isn’t something you’ll find on the internet. Optimize your caffeine intake for the best effect – that is true for anything with caffeine!

The great thing about this brand is definitely the cost. They have kept the cost down with a really simple solution. There’s NO fillers in the product, usually other brands use maltodextrin as a filler to make sure that the scoop is around 8-10g per serving. In fact this is just to make the “feel” of the product better, but actually quite unnecessary – the cost of shipping per serving is more, it’s worse for the environment and it does not add anything to the product (in some cases it might be sweetening that is used as the filler).

But with Gamersupps there’s no fillers so a serving is just 1.6g!!! But this is the same as the “base” for all other brands – again, just no filler. So, you’ll see the same or even more vitamin, minerals and other active ingredients than their competitors.

Review of GamerSupps Ingredients

Let’s divide the product into General Health and Energy & Focus Complex for a breakdown of the Nootropics stack presented by them.

Energy & Focus Complex

The nootropics stack is mainly a mix of Caffeine (non-GMO beans), L-theanine, L-tyrosine, Choline L-Bitartrate and Phosphatidylserine. With addition of other more general ingredients such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Coenzyme Q10 – all of which are very good to ensure that you are at your peak mental performance – which this product is all about!


The GamerSupps Energy & Focus Complex is definitely a game changer. Looking at the ingredients there isn’t really anything you would like to add. HOWEVER, they have not disclosed the amount of each ingredients. As Nootropics enthusiast this is definitely a con. Nothing serious, but to be able to optimize your intake you would need a deeper look at the milligrams of each ingredient for proper dosages. First thing is however always to try it out!

General Health

Besides its nootropics stack, GamerSupps label include a range of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients for overall health. One important ingredient to lift up is Lutein – a very good ingredients to improve general eye health.

You can also find a range of extracts for an antioxidant boost. These include Acai Berry Extract, Goji Berry Extract, Ginseng Root Extract and Mangosteen Fruit Extract.

Sweetening in GamerSupps

The company uses mainly Erythritol for sweetening. If you have never head of it; the ingredient is a sugar alcohol found in many different fruits. However, the ingredient does not do anything to the calorie levels in the product. The cons with the ingredient is that consuming it to much might give you a laxative effect – which is why it is important to follow the recommended serving size set by the company but also start with a lower dosage and ease into it!

Can you get it in your country?

Yes you can! GamerBulk is the official partner of gamersupps in Europe. You can get it in our store! You can also order the product from us if you are outside of Europe – we work on having the most competitive prices when it comes to shipping. Tracking, easy support and just plain simple =) 

Gamersupps in Norway is also possible even though it is outside of the European Union, same goes for customers in UK.

Gamersupps vs Gfuel

The question a lot of you guys ask; Gamersupps vs gfuel – which should you choose? Simply said, Gamersupps offer a more more nutritionally complete Energy Label together with a cheaper price. Whilst Gfuel offers a variety of flavors that you can’t find anywhere else. Which one you should choose is completely up to you!

We hope you liked this GamerSupps review! If you want to try them out, you can of course get it in our store.

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