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GamerSupps Strawberry Review

Gamersupps strawberry review

Another review of another Strawberry flavor, this time Gamersupps Strawberry has gotten the honor. I got to say that GamerSupps must have a thing for Strawberry flavors that’s for sure. Are you guys excited for another review? Because I am! 



Let me introduce you to the review you have been waiting for, none less than a review of GamerSupps Strawberry. In today’s blog you will find a recommendation from me professor “Singed” and my general opinions on this product. 
Hope you will have a lough reading this one, let’s jump in today’s review! 



It couldn’t be more obvious what flavor you could expect it to be. No complains I love strawberry flavored drinks. I also tried this one out with milk, it mixed well and gave me a milkshake vibe, I can definitely recommend you do the same. Well, if you like milkshakes of course, but who doesn’t? Not much more to say about the taste, a solid flavor if you like strawberry.  



The first thing that comes in mind looking at this design is something I used to do in my early years of school. Where you folded a paper filed with different colors and a random pattern appeared. You know what I mean? Or maybe it was just my special needs class that did those kinds of things. However, I don´t get a fully strawberry vibe of this design, more like something that contains licorice because of the black color. Despite that, I do like the clean and sleek design, nothing negative to say overall.  



As you can expect, this one also gives you a good energy boost when you most need it. Probably the first thing in the morning, during clutch time or whenever you feel for it actually. From the flavor you can expect a classic strawberry taste and to spice it up a bit, try it out with milk.  



The post has come to an end, so a short summery is always nice. What can you say GamerSupps must have a thing for strawberry flavored drinks, nothing bad with that tho. Especially if you are a fan of this flavor. A clean looking design as well, that brought at least my childhood memories back.  

With this said, hope you enjoyed this Gamersupps Strawberry review. 

Pease out! 



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