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Gamersupps Waifu candy review

Gamersupps waifu candy review

It´s time for a sweet review of a sweet flavor, we present to you a review of GamerSupps Waifu candy. If you are a cotton candy lover this one might be for you. 



Yes! Finally, we are here with a review of GamerSupps Waifu candy. A highly popular taste that may or may not please your tongue, hard to tell what every single one of you prefer. So, today I will give you my opinion on Waifu candy, hope you find it useful. Let’s jump into the review! 



I really don’t know what to say about the design actually. It is not ugly, not outstanding but still not a bad one either. I would say it´s a casual design maybe? The color splashes give me some hint of graffiti design, I few more strong colors may have given it a cooler look. But who am I to judge, it is the flavor that matters right? 



A nostalgic flavor that´s for sure! This flavor will bring you back to the good old days at the carnival, with a sweet taste of cotton candy. If you ask me a bit too sweet, especially as a drink, no hate on cotton candy at all, I did love it as a kid. But I prefer the sour and fruity ones to have as a drink. If you have a secret mix to make it less sweet, let me know! Join our discord and spread the word.  



GamerSupps did it again, as I expected. Will they ever fail? I got the energy boost that I was searching for and are now ready for a few more hours of work.  So, I can highly recommend this one too out of experience, if you are in a mood looking for an energy kick during your climb or whenever you feel for it actually. But just remember don’t drink to many, at most two servings a day so you don’t OD…Well that was an exaggeration, but heey not too many okey? Promise me that. 



To round things up, if you are looking for a nostalgic trip back to the carnival fields and the taste of cotton candy this one is definitely for you. Remember it is SWEEEET asf. Otherwise, we hope you enjoyed this review of GamerSupps Waifu candy. 

See you next time! 



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