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Gfuel Alternative

gfuel alternative

Oh boy, we’ve heard this many times; is there a good gfuel alternative? The answer is yes! and no! and it depends! Before giving you some good alternatives to Gfuel you need to decide why you are looking for another option. Is it:

  1. You want a cheaper alternative with similar ingredients? 
  2. You want a product with similar ingredients but different flavors?
  3. Energy Drinks aren’t really for you and you need an alternative for focus, without caffeine and taurine. 

Gfuel Alternative

So the structure of this blogpost will be to answer the above three questions. 

Cheaper Alternative to Gfuel?

The absolute cheapest Gfuel alternatives when it comes to price is GamerSupps. Why? Because it comes with the same or even better quality ingredients but at a cheaper price. GamerSupps does not use any fillers in their products which makes it cheaper to ship and get more servings for the same price! 

Here’s an example:

A Gfuel tub costs $35.99 for 40 servings regardless of flavor. That’s $0.89975 per serving, add Shipping of around 15 USD to Europe and we end up at $1.27475 per serving. .

Let’s look at GamerSupps, here at GamerBulk we charge €44.99 for a tub with 100 servings! yes 100 servings! That’s €0.4499 per serving, or $0.54 per serving – and with free shipping that means GamerSupps is ~60% cheaper than Gfuel!

The ingredients in the product is high quality as well. If you want to know more you can read our GamerSupps review.

Want other flavors?

So, the most similar brand when it comes to ingredients is Rogue Energy. If you want similar performance to the titan, but other flavors, we suggest checking them out. 

Not an Energy Drink?

If you want to quit Gfuel because of the ingredients, such as caffeine and taurine you need to check Nau Drinks out! They are completely caffeine free and the active ingredients are instead L-theanine, Cognivia (combination of Spanish & Garden Sage), Lemon Balm, Magnesium, B-vitamins and cranberry extract! You can get them here in this store as well.

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