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GFUEL Norway

Interested in GFUEL? You are definitely not alone. GFUEL in Norway is however not as easy as buying it in their store. If you are living in Norway then you might have tried getting their products before without success. 

We might have a great solution for you though! GamerBulk is all about gamer nutrition, and we of course intend to sell Gfuel as well! We currently have a LIMITED batch of selected flavors available here.

Why is GFUEL Norway a struggle?

So. Norway is a very independent country with a lot of export/import rules. One of them is that there is a limit to what you can order into the country but also that there might be restrictions in what type of Food & Beverage that can be imported. So basically, you Norwegians have two hinders to overcome:

  1. Import Tolls buying from the US or other markets.
  2. Differences in regulations for Food & Beverage in Norway compared to other countries.

Does GFUEL ship to Norway?

If you have asked this question. Here’s a direct copy of the only thing the company say themselves on their website: “The following countries currently do not accept G FUEL packages: Belgium, Latvia, Norway, Mexico, South Africa and Morocco.” 

gfuel in norway

Not so much. But it clearly says that Norway won’t accept packages from the company.

HOWEVER, this is only if you order at their website! There are other options, just continue reading.

What should you do if you want GFUEL in Norway?

It seems that there’s no way to import GFUEL in Norway from their own website. Other Energy Powders like Sneak Gaming and GamerSupps does not ship to Norway either.

GamerBulk have stocked up on a limited Gfuel batch and you can purchase it here.

Other alternatives?

The one alternative for gaming products that you might find very interesting is Nau. You can find their products here, and they do ship to Norway. You can also buy their products right here at GamerBulk.

Perhaps, caffeine free energy drinks are better for you anyways – you can read our article about that here.

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