Gfuel PewDiePie Lingonberry Review

Gfuel pewdiepie lingonberry review

Time has come for us to give you guys’ a review on Gfuel PewDiePie lingonberry. A Scandinavian inspired Gfuel, a Collab between one of YouTubes biggest stars and Gfuel. Continue your reading to find out our thoughts on this one! 



In this blog we will give you an amazing review of Gfuel PewDiePie lingonberry. A taste-bud tingling, lingonberry-infused tonic of Scandinavian origin! That’s what you can expect from today’s blog. So why keep stalling, lets jump right into this review. 


Nothing more, nothing less than a clean looking design. It is straight forward and gives you a clear vision on what taste you can expect it to be. Also smooth combination between red, black and some juicy lingonberries. You can almost sense the taste of lingonberries by just looking at it…and I think that my fellow Scandinavians can agree on that. 10/10 for a clean and simple design, I like that! What do you think? Was it an honest score or am I just a cocky swede? 


Hmm…I’m not sure how to describe this flavor. Have you ever tried juice with taste of lingonberry? Because that’s what this Gfuel reminds me of. A typical Scandinavian kind of taste. However, I got to say the flavor is really good, not too sweet because by now you know that it is not my cup of tea. So, if you are searching for a new favorite flavor, I can definitely recommend you try this one out! 


What can I say? I had great experience as usual with the Gfuels, got me the energy boost I was looking for. Mixed well with water and is at least in my opinion on of the better flavors I have tried. If you trust me, which you should… try this one. The only sad thing is you can’t drink to many tho. 


So, we have come to the summery…Clean looking design, in collaboration with non-less than PewDiePie so what else can you expect.  
I got to say that I can’t complain about trying all these flavors, especially when they give you a reminder of being home. If you are curious and want to try something new with a touch of Scandinavia this one is your go to.  

Hope you enjoyed this review of Gfuel PewDiePie lingonberry. 




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