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Ninja Gfuel Review

ninja gfuel review

A well-known guy, especially for us in the gaming community, today we will bring you a Ninja Gfuel review. SPICY. Left his old gaming-cave that many of us was jealous of but ended up with a new and pretty interesting partnership. So, let’s jump into today’s blog.  


Introduction to Ninja Gfuel review

In this Ninja Gfuel review we will give you guys an insight on what we know so far. A new multi-year partnership between Gfuel and world-famous Ninja. We are going to discuss his favorite flavors, starting-kit and… Did someone say a new flavor? Read the full blog to find out!  



The famous Ninja had one of the most incredible gaming/streaming rooms you could imagine. And that because of his sponsorship from Red Bull. You could say that he had every teenagers dream gaming room, and don’t forget about the well stacked fridge with Red Bull. But that era has come to an end, he went from an energy company to another. Probably a healthier option tho. So yeah, he said goodbye to his astounding Red Bull gaming cave and instead jumped on a sponsorship with Gfuel. 

Therefore, we got you covered with this Ninja Gfuel review in case you have missed the big news. It is said that this sponsorship is a multi-year partnership. And Gfuel have already released a new shaker, announced his favorite flavor and created a starting kit with seven different flavors. Which leads us into the next part of the Ninja Gfuel review, Ninjas favorite Gfuel flavors.  


Ninjas Favorite Gfuel Flavors  

As mentioned above, he has namedropped his absolute favorite which is Hype Sauce. The second thing they have worked on together is a starting kit of his favorite flavors. In my opinion it is some decent flavors in there for sure. Another great thing is that we have them ALL in 40 servings and some of them also in sample.  

Gfuel (40-serv):

Rainbow Sherbet- is as beautiful on the outside as the inside. A true homerun of a flavor! 

strawberry banana- You can probably guess the flavor on this one. 

Sour Fazeberry- A taste-bud tingling combination of POMEGRANATES + STRAWBERRIES and ACAI BERRIES – with an extra hit of top-tier SOURNESS added to it. 

Sour Blue Chug Rug- If you’re a fan of sour blue raspberry-like things, this one is definitely your jam! 

Tropical Rain- A tropical fruit medley that will teleport you straight to the middle of a remote rainforest! 

Snow Cone- We all remember those hot summer days just dreaming of an ice-cold snow cone. Finally, you can have your own ice-cold Gfuel Snow Cone waiting for you in the fridge. 

Bahama Mama- Easy on the Bahama, heavy on the Mama 😉 

As I mentioned we also do have some of these flavors in sample size and you can find those right here. 

A new Ninja Gfuel flavor?? 

So far, a Ninja Gfuel flavor has not been announced yet, we can only speculate about what a possible flavor could be. If we take a look at his favorite flavors, one guess could be something sour and fruity. Which in my opinion would be great because I love some tart in my energy formula. Another guess is something tropical, that would bring your focus to an exotic and relaxing place. What do you think? Are these legit guesses?  

However, I’m surprised that they didn’t release a new flavor the first thing when Gfuel and Ninja entered this partnership. Maybe they have some spicy thoughts on a banger flavor that needs more time to finalize. Time will tell that’s the easy and boring answer.  


Summary of Ninja Gfuel review 

To sum up the Ninja Gfuel review I got to say that he has great taste buds, duo to his starting kit and favorite flavor Hype Sauce. And as I mentioned before, we got you covered with all the flavors in 40-serv and some of them even in sample. A multi-year partnership that hopefully would bring one or two new banger flavors. Time will tell.  

Hope you enjoyed this Ninja Gfuel review! Don’t forget to take a look in our shop and see if you can find yourself a new favorite.  




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