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Prime Hydration Review

Prime Hydration Review


In this Prime Hydration review we will lift a few topics related to this new collaboration that resulted in this new and hyped drink.

You may have heard about Prime Hydration and the collab between two of YouTube’s biggest stars, KSI and Logan Paul. This drink has recently been released in the US and it is set to be released within a few months in the UK. But what is Prime Hydration? In this review we will highlight some of the things you might have thoughts about. Let’s go! 

Release date

As we all know these two have a huge fan base, and we can all agree that they are well worthy of the hype they get, right? 

So Prime Hydration was announced on the 4 of January 2022 by KSI and Logan Paul. The product itself was up for sale on 8 of January, when they launched their online sale. And guess what? Within four hours the whole stock was sold out, that is crazy! 

So we all have to wait patiently to get our hands on these fast selling PRIME HYDRATION drinks

The Collab of the year

So as we mentioned, Prime Hydration is a collab between the two former rivals KSI and Logan Paul. They were the start of hyped up “influencer boxing” and now they have put their rivalry behind them to bring you Prime Hydration. This new brand gives you a hydration option in a total of five different flavors, how about that?  

If this is to “go all the way”, we will see. But it is elegant that you can put a long-lasting rivalry behind you and start to cooperate. And as we all know there are a bunch of different big fishes in this sea, that they will need to compete with and even try to beat in order to succeed. Do they have the power to rival some of the giants such as Gatorade, Pepsi and Coke? Time will tell.  

Prime Hydration – review ingredients 

Of course, you want to know all about which flavors Prime Hydration offers you before you could make a pick, and it’s amazingly five different flavors. Which one you prefer is all up to you, but here they are. 

  1. Tropical Punch 
  1. Blue Raspberry 
  1. Orange 
  1. Grape 
  1. Lemon Lime 

Now when you know about these various flavors it is time to dig in on the Prime Hydration review of the ingredients. Each bottle of 16.9 FL OZ contains 10% coconut-water, 825g electrolytes, 250mg BCAA, vitamin B, antioxidants and are as low as 25 calories per serving. They are meant to be sports hydration drinks to provide hydration and give an energy boost, so that’s why Prime Hydration is sugar-free and also gluten-free.  


KSI and Logan Paul, two former rivals as one unit, have become the creators of Prime Hydration and have taken their game to the next level. Five different flavors, sold out in four hours. Coconut-water must be a popular thing :).


Will this be a long-lasting collab or not? The future is hard to predict, but this has been an absolute hit so far and hopefully we will see a restock anytime soon! 

Hope you enjoyed this Prime Hydration review!



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