IGF Meals - Laser Lemon Cheesecake (20 serv)


Tired of boring, rather basic flavors? Want a more unique flavor to your meal replacement? Look no further than IGF’s Laser Lemon Cheesecake flavor! It literally feels like your drinking a smoothie/milkshake made from a lemon cheesecake when you first try it! Highly recommend it if you like cheesecake, even more so if you like lemon!

Introducing the first meal replacement at Gamerbulk! E-Sports Nutrition’s very own IGF – In Game Food – has joined the party, which includes 20, 100g servings of fullfilling, delicious and most, importantly, HEALTHY drinkable meals. Each serving comes packed with important nutrients, vitamins and minerals, that will always leave you satisfied. If you’re a busy gamer, or an E-Sport athlete that needs all the time you got to practice, or simply someone who’s likes food on the go – IGF’s got your back! Also, did we mention that they’re all vegan friendly as well? It suits everyone!

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